At the beginning of 2023, my wife, who is a fashion stylist, launched her subscription based Fashion Club.

The club is designed for women who have an interest in fashion and finding the perfect outfits that suit them. It provides them with plenty of information on the latest trends, styles, new collections, and tips for enhancing their own unique appearance. They also have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with a professional fashion stylist and receive personalized detailed expert advice.

Of course, I offered to assist her with the club's operations.

In our Fashion Club, I handle all aspects of its smooth functioning, including:

  • Developing and managing payment systems such as Stripe, ensuring seamless billing for our members.
  • Programming the club's mechanics, which involves user registration, payment processing, approving new members, removing former ones, managing reposts, and implementing other Telegram-based mechanics.
  • Overseeing marketing efforts, which includes creating persuasive landing pages, conducting email campaigns, launching and optimizing our social media ads.
  • Assisting clients with their questions, troubleshooting payment issues, solving problems related to getting access, and more.
  • Analyzing vital business metrics such as user engagement, tracking cohorts, and calculating unit economics.

Our Fashion Club is an ongoing project that we are actively developing, with the aim of helping even more women worldwide in finding their best looks.