As a non-native English speaker, I've found that getting the grammar and style of my message right on the first try is important in certain situations. To help with this, I quickly created a ChatGPT-based bot that aids with rewriting.

The process is fairly straightforward

  • I type a sentence and send it to the bot.
  • I then click a button to have it rewritten in British or American English, fix any grammar issues, or even have it transformed into a written by AI Eminem or AI Metallica verse.
  • Finally, I paste the corrected text back where I need it.

Arguably, this flow isn't ideal, as it introduces unnecessary friction by forcing the user to use a bot. However, because Telegram is my messenger of choice and I enjoy building various bots for it, I find it acceptable for now.

Naturally, it would be ideal to have a native solution integrated into the operating system. However, I'll have to consider whether it's worth investing in, depending on how many users other than myself actually use the bot regularly.

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