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Fraza AI Bot is Live!

Published on September 22, 2023

Startups and Entrepreneurship

🇷🇺 This article is also available in Russian: Запуск Fraza AI Bot

One of the suite of my AI bots, Fraza AI Telegram bot is a quick experiment that I had built in just under 6 hours and deemed its launch a failure the same day.

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🎸 Metallica will write your status update, and ✌️Eminem will wish your coworkers a good weeekend.

As you might probably know, I have been tinkering with LLMs a lot — at work, as well as for fun. Now I am sharing my most recent experiment — Fraza AI Bot.

This is a Telegram bot, that could aid non-native English speakers with 🌿 fixing grammar in their texts, rewriting it as ✌️Eminem or 🎸Metallica might have done. Have a look at the examples in the chat.

Here, for instance, Eminem is wishing you a great weekend:

Yo, appreciate you peepin' this rhyme

Wishing you a dope Friday, have a real good time

Hope your weekend's sunny, no clouds in sight

Stay blessed, my fam, keep shining so bright


Every user has 30 free attempts. Go ahead and try Fraza AI Bot!

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